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Change is demanding and stressful. Often, it is necesssary to identify experienced resources, provide leadership and achieve deliverables. Aspen Affiliates’ consultants work with your employees to build on their strengths We bring strong managerial skills and deep bench strength in cash management, planning and project management. When appropriate, we work onsite directly with your employees to capture their deep customer, product and systems knowledge. We implement and manage to provide the skills, reports and actions necessary to accomplish your restructure and/or integration objectives. When appropriate, we can offer supplemental resources from our network of affiliates.


  • We bring the tactical skills, strategic expertise and network of contacts to your managerial team.

  • Acting as consultants and problem solvers, we’ll help you sort through the details, differences of opinion, and production requirements, delivering the necessary results on time.

  • We possess deep knowledge in accounting, finance, law, mediation and psychology. We guide clients.

  • We facilitate communication among all the parties involved. We can play the task-oriented manager or the neutral mediator. When hired, we manage your business situation; we are dedicated advocates for your success.

In addition to hands-on projects, Aspen Affiliates has provided litigation support and analytical assistance to an affiliated seasoned forensic accounting expert. As above, the essential skills involve “translating” the legal and business/accounting claims into concepts and demonstratives that strengthen the presentation and resolution of the case. Ms. Cassidy has testified as a percipient witness many times.